Bee's Books

About Rigby

Rigby (Rig-bee), the author and illustrator of every single Bee's Book, started writing books in 2018, when she was in third grade. During the CoVID19 pandemic, she was inspired to create a book for her cousins. This book was a big hit, and she has created a few more since then! She loves the challenge of creating a unique and imaginative story that allows each person to see themselves as a hero, and she loves seeing the joy that her books bring to others. 

When Rigby isn't making books, she enjoys playing with her dog Goose, swimming, watching TV and movies, and hanging out with her awesome family. She finds inspiration in picture books, and she especially loves Uni the Unicorn, Wocket in my Pocket, and Dangerously Ever After. 

Rigby, circa 2013